2F 2-5-11
TOKYO 153.0062 JAPAN
PHONE: 03.6303.2411
E-MAIL: info@wellkstatt.com
OPEN 10:00ー18:00(L.O 17:00) Wed. - Fri.
OPEN 8:30ー17:00(L.O 16:00) Sat. & Sun.
OPEN [Morning 8:30ー10:00 / Lunch 10:00ー17:00]

wellk-ウェルク カフェ タルト、ケーキ、ランチ、テイクアウト用ショーケース

to eat is to live.
to create is to think.
to spend is to share.
we discover everyday.
experiment and create.
think about living werkstatt
(work shop in german)
“well” k instead of werk.
wellcome to wellk.
thank you.